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Welcome to Seal Beach

Hülgeranna is our own little piece of paradise, on an island off the main Estonian coastline.

For the past ten years, we have spent our time rebuilding my grandparents farm to our little piece of paradise, as a retreat from a busy life in London.

The entire hamlet is available for hire and is perfect for family gatherings. Or if you want to build your own retreat – from yoga events to a chance to return to nature, we can help you build the perfect stay. We are completely eco-friendly and off the grid when it comes to power – however there IS wi-fi!

All of the lodgings are available for individual bookings, depending on how many people you are. Self-catering is the standard, but if you’d like a chef and house-keeping, this can also be arranged.

We’re proud and delighted to open it up to you, and hope that you will come and make your own beautiful memories where the sky & the sea meet.

Life on the Island

As you can imagine, when it comes to indulging in the great outdoors, this island has it all.

We are around a 40-minute drive from Kuressaare, in the heart of the historic Vilsandi National Park, so there is no need to travel to enjoy time in the great outdoors. We offer hiking, sea-kayaking, and there is horse-riding to be done on the farm nearby. Hunting trips can also be arranged.

We also have our own sauna and spa, where you can relax and unwind. If family games are more your speed, we also have a boules court.

Getting to Saaremaa

More detailed information can be found on Visit Saaremaa.

The most common way to arrive in Saaremaa is by ferry from Estonia’s mainland which takes approximately 27 minutes. The ferry goes between the harbours of Virtsu (mainland) and Kuivastu (Muhu island).
We kindly suggest you to book your ferry ticket in advance ONLINE.
You can find an instruction how to buy a ticket from a e-service from HERE.

Flights direct from Stockholm Sweden from May 2020 on Fly Bra.

It is possible to fly from Tallinn to Kuressaare. The flight takes approximately 30 minutes. On weekdays the airoplane leaves twice a day, on weekends once a day. Kuressaare airport is located approximately 2,9 kilometers from Kuressaare city centre.

You can find the flight timetable HERE

You can book your ticket HERE.  

Those, favouring a public transport over a private one, can start a trip by a direct bus line from Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Paide or Valga.
Those who would like to continue towards Riga after visiting Saaremaa just have to change buses in Pärnu.
To make travelling more comfortable, coach tickets can also be bought in advance online www.tpilet.ee
Public Transport
Public buses in Saaremaa are mainly meant to meet the needs of local people and therefore they do not go to all places of interest for tourists (e.g. Sõrve peninsula), but you can get buses to some attractions like the Kaali meteorite craters, Angla windmills, and Panga steep coast. All routes start and end in Kuressaare and all local buses in Saare county are for free for everyone (even for visitors).
You can find the in county bus timetable here:  www.bussipilet.ee
The small harbours of Saaremaa are always ready to receive the brave, who are willing to sail to the island by themselves. 
List of SL Marinas ports can be found HERE


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January 2020

When we decided to reclaim our heritage and restore peace and family joy to Hülgeranna, we never imagined how far we’d come.

Read about our journey of rediscovery and growing in love with the Hamlet in the 2020 edition of Visit Saaremaa & Muhu Travel Magazine.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch
To find out how we can make your vacation dreams come true, feel free to send a message here.